The customer is NOT always right!!!!

Our Sight Focuses on exploiting (making aware) to business owners, people in the sales world, negotiators, customer service reps, commission based employees, landlords, significant others, those, “special needs individuals” who repeatedly display a history of behavior that needs to be brought to the open for others to notice. The behavior in question; complainors, unreasonable customers, price shoppers, hagglers, low lifes, people looking for allowances, or just BAD CUSTOMERS in general.

Our focus is to raise the bar as to how a customer should act when dealing with a human being on the other end of the spectrum. Customer should take that chip off their shoulder and realize that they need to extend the same courtesy to the human being on the other side of the equation. Individuals whose character is that to demean or treat people unfairly should be brought to the public's eye.

Next time before you enter a negotiation (sell a car, house, bottle of perfume, rent a space out to, or have to invest your time with an individual in hopes of a sale/income/etc)....check us out and make your own determination of how much time, effort, compassion you should really invest with the person that is sitting in front of you.

How This Works
Post a Complaint on a customer, tenant, offer your side of the story to a bad review you received, etc etc… or Search for a Customer you are in negotiations with to determine course of action. Searching for a customer will list all complaints posted against individuals using our system. At no charge, you can post a bad customer and give your side of the story anonymously or plain as day using your real name and company info. The customer is then notified via email, Facebook or text. If the customer contests your opinion through our rebuttal process, you will be notified. Your ad can be taken down at anytime, especially if the add is used as a bargaining tool to force an offender to take down a bad review, apologizes, make good on the offense, or other.

Terms of Use Agreement Please read our Terms Of Use Agreement. Also, when using our sight you understand that any reference to yourself may result in your loss of employment, loss of business, etc. That is why you should stay anonymous as you have the option to do so. If you make yourself transparent you are putting yourself at risk of many things. Bad Customer Bureau is merely using your opinions and your statements/experiences in your words, to present the offender to the world/community they live in. Using Videos, Pictures, Contracts, and proof uploaded lend credibility to your complaint. Also, if you do not yet have a picture, email address or other, (such as in the case of a waitress, stylest, etc who gets stiffed on a tip or is mistreated-basically someone nt engaging in a more structured business transaction) you can fill out our template. By stating the name, place where offense, zip code, uploading a photo you took, you can create an opportunity for this offender to be found by other future submitors of offenses caused by this customer. That way a profile is created and no offender slips by.